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Grown-up debate

I don’t want you to miss any interesting discussions on the subject of Swindon Town’s embracing of fascism. So let’s review one on the Swindon Advertiser website from Monday 23 May.

First, read this post by someone called ‘BadProspects, Old Town’:

“There has been a lot of comment section talk regarding Di Canio’s suitability to head a team which bears the name of a town containing people of all creeds and cultures. Can the Adver take up the following questions at the press conference and get some proper straight answers from the STFC board (and maybe the man himself)?
  • Is he a fascist?
  • What do fascists believe?
  • Has he openly said he admires Mussolini? ( a dictator who’s troops used mustard gas on men, women and children in Ethiopia?)
  • Did Mussolini see laws passed which meant the death sentence for non-europeans in mixed race relationships? * Is di Canio aware that Mussolini passed anti-semitic laws in Italy?
  • Does di Canio have a tattoo of ‘Dux’ – a play on Mussolini’s nickname, ‘Il Duce’?
  • Has di Canio made straight arm fascist salutes to right-wing fans in Italy?
  • … and if the answer is yes to those questions, how does his appointment sit with the values and culture of Swindon and the football team which bears his name?
  • How does it sit with the FAs claim to want to kick racism out of football?
  • Does his fame and footballing talent really count for more than a philosophy of racial superiority? What message will this send the younger fans?”

An impassioned, but not unreasonable, set of questions, I thought.

So let’s see some of the comments he received in response:

  • “Get stuffed you moron!!!” – P*ssed Off
  •  “Tootle off back down the 420 to yellowland, troll.” – mcred
  •  “Yeah ! Get f****d you t#%t” – EastleazeRed
  • “Our message to you pal is p1$$ off back to Oxford!!!” – Lazaat
  •  “How many more times do you want us to tell you to **** off back to Poxford?” – mcred (again)
  •  “Get f*$%ed mate!” – International Robin
  • “You my friend are a complpete and utter mongoloid I dont give a s*** if hes a facist, what happens on the pitch is all that matter. – Jimmycrashmatt

Oh dear, it’s going to be difficult winning a debate against these intellectual heavyweights.

Actually, let’s not bother with them. There are bigger fish to fry.


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