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Mladic and Mussolini

Mladic and Mussolini

All week, I’ve watched (some) Swindon Town fans and the local media falling over themselves to defend Di Canio’s views.

Many have suggested that Di Canio’s kind of fascism is somehow less extreme than others.

But that’s simply a lie.

Di Canio’s hero, Benito Mussolini, is in the Premier League of mass murderers.

See:, which estimates that his regime was responsible for the extermination of 300,000 people.

Better news this week was the capture of Bosnian Serb mass murderer Ratko Mladic – indicted for the killing of about 7,500 men and boys at Srebrenica.

I’m not going to say that Mladic isn’t as bad as Mussolini because the numbers are smaller, because that’s simply not true.

But those associating themselves with Di Canio need to get a perspective on all this.

Their suggestion that he represents the nicer side of fascism is severely misguided – because there isn’t one.

Are you still sitting comfortably?


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