You said you would remember us. But you forgot.

Worlds apart

Barcelona shirt

Barcelona shirt

Anybody who watched Barcelona win the Champions League in style last night will realise the gulf between the Nou Camp and the County Ground.

I’m not just talking about the football, which is obvious, and the fact that they are one of the greatest teams in the history of the game and have one of the greatest players.

I’m talking about players of various races and nationalities playing and working hard for each other, which is the reason for their success.

And I’m talking about a club that has for years paid Unicef – an organisation that stands for unity, compassion and justice – for the privilege of displaying its name on their shirts.

Compare this with the “We are out to win League Two at all costs” attitude at the County Ground and judge for yourself whether appointing someone who advocates hatred is ever going to bring the Beautiful Game to Swindon’s children.


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