You said you would remember us. But you forgot.

Far-right group Final Conflict can barely contain their excitement at the appointment of Di Canio.

Their website is bursting with praise for the Swindon Town board, “Hurrah for Swindon Town for having the bravery and cajones [sic] to sign Fascisti Paolo Di Canio as their new manager”, it proclaims.

And their call, “All fascists to Swindon! Avanti!” has also met with an enthusiastic response from someone describing himself as a ‘Nationalist from Scotland’:

“The club has quite a good merchandising bit on its website and while I would not normally dream of endorsing a club’s commericial side … wouldn’t it be a blast to have nationalists up and down the land wearing Swindon clothing? An upturn in sales would also send a subtle message to the club that Di Canio’s arrival at the club is popular with many.”

Yes, imagine it, Mr Wray – if all the fascists are wearing Swindon Town shirts this summer, you’ll make a fortune.

(I would normally provide a link to a website I’m quoting from, but it would be irresponsible to do so in Final Conflict’s case. They’re easily found on Google if you feel the urge to read their vile views for yourself.)


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