You said you would remember us. But you forgot.

Two faced

It seems the Swindon Advertiser’s left hand doesn’t know what its right hand is doing.
After two weeks of sweeping Di Canio’s evil views under the carpet, the paper failed to see the hypocrisy in its headline “Tell me about my hero father” (see
As they put it: “A Swindon man has been revealed as a hero of the Spanish Civil War”.
This is the story of the quest for information about Captain George Fletcher, who was seriously wounded when fighting for the International Brigades.
His rightfully proud son, John, said, “I discovered my father – who never talked about his life – was a hero in Spain fighting the Fascists from 1936 to 1939”.
For once, a newspaper’s use of the word “hero” is fully justified.
But their tribute is hollow and, frankly, rather distasteful, following their daily sucking-up to Di Canio.
Captain Fletcher almost gave his life fighting fascists like Di Canio.

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