You said you would remember us. But you forgot.

The Kick Racism Out of Football campaign ( has revealed that it has written to Swindon Town about the appointment of Paolo di Canio as manager.

In response to a question from me, they said that they were “Aware of opinions previously voiced by Mr Di Canio”; and, “With this in mind, we recognise concerns supporters may have about his new role as manager of Swindon Town FC”.

They go on to say that “Mr Di Canio will be aware of the zero-tolerance approach to discrimination employed by the football leagues and governing bodies in this country. Kick It Out will be ensuring appropriate action is taken should any views be espoused which are contradictory to this stance, and has already written to the club”.

This, of course, raises the old chestnut about the subtle differences between racism and fascism.

In this respect, I think the campaign has ducked the issue, although I appreciate they’ve made a calculated decision to take stock of the situation and see what happens.

But at least they’ve fired an unmistakable warning shot.


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